Dr Lilija Alijeva

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Dr Lilija Alijeva
BA International Politics (Middlesex University), LLM (Middlesex University)
PhD in Law and Political Science (AHRC-LAHP Studentship)
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
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11-Dec-2018 New global database on minority issues: MinorityForum.info


Lilija Alijeva, Dr Anna-Mária Bíró, Dr Corinne Lennox and Marcus Oda on a new web-based forum designed to amplify the voices of minority groups, who continue to struggle to find a suitable place where they can raise issues and concerns.

01-Dec-2017 Left Behind? A Critical Study of the Russian-speaking Minority Rights to Citizenship and Language in the Post-Soviet Baltic States. Lessons from Nationalising Language Policies

Journal articles

(2017) 24(4) International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 484-536

23-Jun-2017 Event report: “Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Russia: challenges and new strategies”


17-Jun-2016 Book Reviews Tove H. Malloy, Alexander Osipov, and Balázs Vizi (2015) (eds.) Managing Diversity through Non-Territorial Autonomy: Assessing Advantages, Deficiencies, and Risks. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Research Projects & Supervisions
PhD Topic:

 Minority Right to Effective Public Participation: Comparative case study of the Russian-speaking minority in independent Estonia and Latvia 

Dr Corinne Lennox and Dr Damien Short
Research interests:
Civil Rights, Colonies & Colonization, emigration & immigration, Communities, Classes, Races, Globalization & Development, Human rights, International Law, International Relations, Law, Political Institutions, Politics, Social Sciences

Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America
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14-Nov-2022 Minority Rights in Latvia: the right to minority language education and the impact of the war in Ukraine

06-Jan-2020 The post-1989 Springtime of National Minorities?

03-May-2019 Minority Right to Effective Public Participation: A Comparative Case Study of the Russian-Speaking Minority in Independent Estonia and Latvia ?

24-Apr-2019 The League of Nations the Question of Minorities in Interwar Estonia and Latvia: forgotten examples of multiculturalism?

20-Feb-2019 Ethics in human rights research

Participated in a panel discussion titled  'Ethical and Disciplinary Challenges in Studying and Researching Human Rights' at Webster University, Leiden, The Netherlands.

30-Nov-2018 Launch of the minorityforum.info website: NVivo and Coding Process

Presented during the 11th Session of the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues side-event at the United Nations Office in Geneva. The presentation's focus was on the software aspect of Tom Latos Institute and Human Rights Consortium's research project and how data analysis benefited the creation of minorityforum.info website.

26-Nov-2018 International Conference “Cities, territories and the struggles for human rights: a 2030 perspective”

Participated as part of the Scientific Committee and Chair for Panel 6 titled ‘Evaluating the City: Problems, Prospects and Migration Flows’.

09-Jul-2018 EURAC Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Governance

04-Jul-2018 Lecture on Research Methodology

11-Jun-2018 Third Annual Tartu Conference on Russian and East European Studies

 Presented a conference paper and chaired the panel titled 'Nation-statehood in post-Crimean Eastern Europe'.

21-Sep-2017 BARI Workshop 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia

Speaker at the 'Diversity governance, minority participation and autonomy' session and Chair of the 'Ethnic and language diversity management in post-Soviet space' session.

10-Jul-2017 Human Rights Research Students' Conference - University of Essex

20-Mar-2017 Minority Right to Effective Public Participation: Development, Criticism, Responses

 Seminar for Master students at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

03-Feb-2016 How to get a distinction on your LLM dissertation?

 Middlesex Univeristy organised seminar for LLM students

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