Professor Catherine Krull

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Professor Catherine Krull
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Visiting Fellow (CLACS)
Fellowship term:
01-Feb-2023 to 01-May-2023
Institute of Languages Cultures and Societies
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University of Victoria
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Catherine Krull?is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria and an Adjunct Professor of Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. She is also part of the UNESCO Chair team for the Knowledges for Change Global Consortium. Her work focuses on: 1) Cuban migration/Latin American diasporic cultures; 2) diversity and reproductive politics; and 3) revolutions: daily life & measures of?resistance.??She has served as Special Advisor International to the President, Dean of Social Sciences, editor of?Cuban Studies,?as well as editor-in-chief of the?Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.?Book publications include?Entangled Terrains and Identities in Cuba: Memories of Guantánamo?(with Asa McKercher, Lexington Press/Rowman and Littlefield, 2012);?Cuba in Global Context: International Relations, Internationalism and Transnationalism?(University Press of Florida, 2014);?A Life in Balance?: Reopening the Family-Work Debate?(with J Sempruch, UBC Press, 2011);?Rereading?Women and the Cuban Revolution (with Jean Stubbs, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011);?A Measure of a Revolution: Cuba, 1959-2009?(with Soraya Castro, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010) and?New World Coming: The 1960s and the Shaping of Global Consciousness?(with Dubinsky, et al, 2009). Catherine has held research fellowships at the Institute of Latin American Studies (David Rockefeller Center, Harvard University), the Institute for Advanced Study (University of London), the University of Ljubljana, the Institute?of Latin American Studies (University of Florida), the Department of Sociology (Boston University), and the Centre for International Studies (London School of Economics). She is currently working on two major projects: Re-imagining Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora (with Jean Stubbs, University of London) and Cultural and Political Displacement: Gottscheer/Kocevsko (with Vladimir Preblic, University of Ljubljana and Brian McKercher, University of Victoria). 

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