Professor Catharine MacMillan

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Professor Catharine MacMillan
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Senior Associate Research Fellow
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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King's College London
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Central Services of the School
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Catharine MacMillan is engaged in researching the nineteenth and early twentieth century development of English private law. Recent publications have concerned the doctrines of frustration, mistake, privity and unconscionability. These publications provide an historical analysis of contemporary private law. She has a particular interest in the adjudication of mercantile disputes by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council within the nineteenth century British Empire. In connection with this she is currently engaged in writing a legal biography of Judah Benjamin. The work explores the importance of the individual in the development of English common law and the transfer of law and juristic concepts between different legal jurisdictions.
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The Mystery of Privity: Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada v Robinson (1915)

Journal articles

(2015) 65 University of Toronto Law Journal 1

Judah Benjamin: marginalised outsider or admitted insider?

Journal articles

(2015) 42 Journal of Law and Society 150

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