Dr Howard Jones

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Dr Howard Jones
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
01-Oct-2009 to 31-Jan-2025
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
020 7862 8844
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Colonies & Colonization, emigration & immigration, Communities, Classes, Races, Globalization & Development, Political Institutions, Social Sciences
Africa, Asia
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Migration, remittances and financial inclusion/exclusion; formal sector finance; policy towards the informal financial sector; livelihood diversification and migration.

Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

Research Funding secured from the British Academy to update and expand a longitudinal study on livelihood diversification and migration in an Indian village.

Research conducted for a GIZ study of domestic migration and remittances in India.

Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
03-Feb-2021 Good businesses and good archives Perspectives from the records of a moneylender in rural India


In Social Aims of Finance. Rediscovering varieties of credit in financial archives. Editors: Anna Cantaluppi, Chloe Colchester, Lilia Costabile, Carmen Hoffmann, Catherine Schenk and Matthias Weber. Publishers: The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh), Fondazione 1563 per l'Arte e la Cultura della Compagnia di San Paolo, pp 277-293.

23-Feb-2018 Social hierarchy and enrolment in government and private schools in rural India: longitudinal evidence from a Rajasthan village

Journal articles

Oxford Review of Education 44.3: 353-369

01-May-2016 A Child of the City: a Longitudinal Study of Stratification and Migration in a Rajasthan Village


International Review of Social Research, 6(3), pp. 107-117.

01-Jun-2014 Domestic Migration and Remittances in India: Rajasthani Tribal Migrants working in Gujarat

Journal articles

 Jones, J.H.M.; Williams, M. and M.P. Joshi (2014) 'Domestic Migration and Remittances in India: Rajasthani Tribal Migrants working in Gujarat', Journal of Enterprise Development and Microfinance, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 150-162.

01-Jan-2011 Gujarat-Rajasthan Migration and Remittance Corridor Study

Contribution: Lead Author
Publishers: GIZ, The German Agency for International Cooperation
Notes: Report submitted to GIZ

01-Jan-2011 Remittance Needs and Opportunities in India

Contribution: Co-Author
Publishers: GIZ, The German Agency for International Cooperation
Notes: Report submitted to GIZ and launched by the Union Minister of Finance, New Delhi, 02 August 2011

Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
01-Aug-2015 What is the value of micro-level research in development? Examples from migration, informal finance and private low-cost schools in rural India

BOND (the UK membership body for organisations working in international development), London, August, 2015.

02-Jul-2014 Conference presentation

 Paper presented on 'Social Stratification and Changing Educational Opportunities in a Rajasthan Village' at the Conference 'How do education systems shape educational inequalities', University of Luxembourg.

21-May-2014 Microfiance Meeting

 Paper presented on 'The Resiliance of Moneylender Finance in Rural India: Implications for Financial Inclusion and Microfinance' at a meeting jointly hosted by The Institute of Commonwealth Studies and the Microfinance Club UK.

Respondent: Usha Thorat, Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

05-Mar-2014 Seminar presentation

 Seminar presentation on Remittances and Financial Inclusion given at the University of Reading

20-Feb-2014 Seminar presentation

 ICwS Seminar on 'The Opprobrium Provoked by Moneylending: Differing Perspectives from Rural India'

05-Feb-2014 Seminar presentation

 Seminar presentation on Informal Finance given at the University of Reading

18-Jul-2013 Conference presentation

 Paper presented on 'A longitudinal Study of Stratification and Mobility in a Rajasthan Village'  at the Conference on 'New Horizons in Research on Stratification, Mobility and Inequality' at the University of Queensland, Australia

15-Nov-2012 Seminar presentation

 Seminar presentation on Rural Finance and Microfinance given at The University of Reading

03-Feb-2011 Seminar presentation

 Seminiar Presentation on Rural Finance and Microfinance given at the University of Reading

17-Jan-2011 Microfinance Seminar

A Seminar on the crisis of Microfinance in India jointed hosted by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and the Microfinance Club UK

07-Jan-2011 Conference presentation

Paper presented on 'Domestic Migration and Remittances in India' at the Migration Conference, University College London

01-Jan-2011 Seminar presentation

ICwS Seminar on Rajasthani Tribal Migrants and Remittances in Gujarat

29-Aug-2010 Seminar/workshop presentation

Presentation of research findings on the Gujarat-Rajasthan Migration and Remittances Study to a Workshop in New Delhi organised by NABARD and GIZ

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