Ms Marika Sherwood

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Ms Marika Sherwood
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
1991 to 31-Jul-2023
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Institute of Commonwealth Studies Senate House Russell Square London WC1E 7HU
01795 532088 (home)
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Human rights
Africa, Caribbean, United Kingdom
Summary of research interests and expertise:
  • The history of peoples of African origins in the UK since the Roman period;
  • Black Black political activism from late 19th century;
  • Pan-Africanism 1930s onwards;
  • Racism in the UK including education issues;
  • Anti-imperialism
  • Cold War in West Africa
  • The Cold War in West Africa
  • Use of profits from the slave trade and plantations
Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

Currently working on:

Peoples of African origins/descent in the UK, especially in East Kent

Racism in the UK including education issues

Republication of books: Claudia Jones and Daniels Ekarte

BBC Sound program on Claudia Jones

Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
01-Dec-2021 The All African People’s Congress (AAPC) called by Kwame Nkrumah -- and George Padmore’

Journal articles

,Contemporary Journal of African Studies, Vol 8 No 1 & 2, 2021

01-Dec-2021 Claudia Jones: A Life in Exile.


With a new preface by Lola Olufemi and an appendix of additional research, Lawrence Wishart, 2021

01-Nov-2021 ‘Opinion: Why WW2 commemorations need to recognise the Black contribution’, History Extra, , November 2021

Journal articles

History Extra, , November 2021

01-Nov-2021 ‘What we don’t, but should know’,


 D. Thomas  &  J. Arday (eds), Doing equity and diversity for success in higher education: Redressing structural inequalities in the academy,  Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

01-Jul-2021 ‘Booker T Washington in England 1899’,

Journal articles

History Matters Journal, 1/3, Summer 2021

01-Oct-2020 Why and how that Black Lives Matter became important to me.


History Matters, 1/1 Autumn 2020

07-Feb-2020 Kwame Nkrumah and the Dawn of the Cold War

7 Feb.2020 Pan African Television Talk Time: hour long discussion on my book.

06-Feb-2020 Kwame Nkrumah and the Dawn of the Cold War

6 Feb 2020 The film of the launch of my book at Legon

01-Jan-2020 ‘E.P.Thompson, ‘The Making of the English (White) Working Class’ ,

Edited Book

 Keith Flett (ed), E. P. Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class at 50 

31-Dec-2019 'Africa: the true cost of the Arab and trans-Atlantic slavery'


Africa Factbook, Addis Ababa: INSTAK, 2019

31-May-2019 Kwame Nkrumah and the Dawn of the Cold War: The West African National Secretariat (1945-48)

Edited Book

Pluto Press, 2019; Sub-Saharans Publishers 2019

01-May-2019 ‘Amy Ashwood Garvey: Vibratory Spaces’

Journal articles

(with) Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Women on Aeroplanes, Inflight Magazine, # 4, 2019

28-Feb-2019 The beginning of the Cold War in the Gold Coast?

Conference papers

 David Featherstone & Christian Høgsbjerg (eds), , The Red and the Black: The Russian Revolution and the Black Atlantic, Manchester University Press

03-Nov-2018 BASA - 27 Year Review


This is a film of the conference organised by Black History Walks. The other speaker was Professor Hakim Adi.

01-Aug-2018 ‘The Multi-ethnic Royal Navy and Merchant Marine, from the Seventeenth Century Onward’

Journal articles

 Topmasts, #2, August 2018

01-Jul-2018 The Quest in the United Kingdom for African Unity 1945-48’,

Journal articles

 Contemporary Journal of African Studies, 5/1, 2018

02-May-2018 ’The All Colonial Peoples Conferences in Britain, 1945’

Journal articles

 Lucas – Leeds African Studies Bulletin, #79, 2017-8, pp.113-124 

01-Aug-2017 ‘How I learned to ask about forgotten history’,

Research aids

21-Jul-2017 'Depiction of a Negro’


 John Blanke Project, 

28-Oct-2016 Explaining the Modern World: Migration


Published by Hodder Education for the GCSE course, but also for the 'general' reader. Written with Hakim Adi, Dan Lyndon-Johnson and Martin Spafford, with whom I also produced the course.

04-Aug-2016 ‘Britain, its colonies and WWII’


 Pambazuka News, 4 Aug 2016

01-Aug-2015 'African Students Association of America and Canada, 1941 – 1945'’


The Lagos Historical Review, issue 14, 2015

11-Feb-2015 ’An information “black hole”: World War I in Africa’, in  László Z. Karvalics (ed), Information History of the First World War UNESCO/ L’Harmattan Publishing, 


 László Z. Karvalics (ed), Information History of the First World War UNESCO/ L’Harmattan Publishing, 2016

30-Sep-2014 Robert Kweku Atta Gardiner’,(1914 - 1994) – an unrecognised Ghanaian Pan-Africanist Par-Excellence


 Contemporary Journal of African Studies 2/1, 2014

01-Jul-2014 ‘The birth of ‘Liberation’


Liberation, 57/1, 2014

31-Jan-2014 ‘Black sailors in the Royal Navy’

 Naval Records Online

01-Jan-2013 World War II: Colonies and Colonials

Savannah Press, 2013

01-Jan-2013 The Pan-African Conference, Kumasi, 1953

in T. Manuh & A. Sawyerr (eds), The Kwame Nkrumah Centenary Colloquium Proceedings, Accra: Kwame Nkrumah Centenary Committee, 2013

01-Jan-2012 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


Entries on:

Dusé Mohamed Ali: 

Peter Blackman: 

Robert Broadhurst:

William Davidson:

Daniels Ekarté:

Nathaniel Fadipe:

Claudia Jones:

Ras T. Makonnen:

Henry Sylvester Williams:




01-Jan-2012 ‘Two Pan-African political activists emanating from Edinburgh University: Drs John Randle and Richard Akinwande Savage’

in Afe Adogame and Andrew Lawrence (eds), Africa in Scotland, Scotland in Africa: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Relations in global contexts (Leiden: Brill)

01-Jan-2012 ‘The Pan-African Conference, Kumasi, 1953’

in T. Manuh (ed), The Kwame Nkrumah Centenary Colloquium Papers

01-Jan-2012 ‘Legitimate” traders, the building of empires and the long-term after-affects in Africa’


in T. Green (ed), Brokers of Change: Atlantic Commerce and Cultures in Pre-Colonial Western Africa, Open University Press/British Academy

01-Jan-2012 ‘Nkrumah and Pan-Africanism 1942 – 1958’

in Lazare Ki-Zerbo (ed), Hands Off Africa

01-Jan-2012 The Life and Times of Albert Makaula-White, an African Farmer in Kent 1904-1937


Savannah Press, 2012

01-Jan-2012 African and Caribbean British Political Activists’

Research aids

Podcasts available at the The Historial Association website

01-Jan-2012 "Legitimate" traders, the building of empires and the long-term after-affects in Africa


in T. Green

(ed), Brokers of Change: Atlantic Commerce and Cultures in Pre-Colonial Western Africa, (forthcoming, Manchester University Press, 2012)

01-Jan-2011 The Trade of Enslaved Africans and Slavery after 1807


Chapter 2 in F. Brennan & John Parker, Colonialism, Slavery, Reparations and Trade: Remedying the ‘Past’, Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 2011


01-Jan-2011 Henry Sylvester Williams and his „descendant? George Padmore


BASA (Black & Asian Studies Association) Newsletter, N 60-61, July/December 2011

01-Jan-2011 Entries on Bankole Awoonor-Renner, Daniels Ekarté, Dusé Mohamed Ali and George Padmore

Research aids

in Dictionary of African Biography, OUP 2011

01-Jan-2011 ‘Gordon Riots’

Total Politics, June 2011

01-Jan-2011 ’William G. Allen in Britain’


Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World,  2/2, 2011

01-Jan-2011 ‘The trade in enslaved Africans’,

Edited Book

in F. Brennan & John Parker, Colonialism, Slavery, Reparations and Trade: Remedying the ‘Past’, Taylor & Francis/Routledge

01-Jan-2011 ‘Pan-African Conferences, 1900 – 1953: what did Pan-Africanism mean?'

in Charles Qudade and Frances Chiang (eds), From Colonization to Globalization, Dayspring Publishing

01-Jan-2010 Malcolm X: visits abroad April 1964 – February 1965

UK: Savannah Press 2010; USA: Tsehai Publishers, 2011

01-Jan-2010 The Origins of Pan-Africanism: Henry Sylvester Williams and the African Diaspora


01-Jan-2010 ‘’Africans in Britain 2000 years ago"

New African, October 2010

01-Jan-2010 ‘Shall we ever learn the full story of Blacks in the Royal Navy?’

BASA Newsletter, #57, 2010

01-Jan-2010 ‘Racism by omission’

01-Jan-2010 Review article on Carol Polsgrove, Ending British rule in Africa: Writers in a common cause

IHR History Review, 2010

01-Jan-2010 Episode 33, ‘The African Diaspora in Britain in Africa Past and Present’

in The Podcast about African history, culture and politics

‘All Colonial Peoples Conferences, 1945’ (forthcoming, Kehinde Andrews (ed), Blackness in Britain (forthcoming, 2014)

Conference papers

‘The Quest in the United Kingdom for African Unity 1945-48’, Contemporary Journal of African Studies, 5/1, 2018

Journal articles

 Contemporary Journcal of African Studies, 5/1, 2018

‘The Quest in the United Kingdom for African Unity 1945-48’

Journal articles

, Contemporary Journal of African Studies, 5/1, 2018

‘E.P.Thompson, The Making of the English (White) Working Class’

Edited Book

Keith Flett (ed), E. P. Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class at 50 (forthcoming, 2018)

'An Introduciton to the Black Population, Racism, and Black Organisations in the UK int he Early Twentieth Century'

Conference papers

Helen Lauer & Kofi Anyidoho (eds), Reclaiming the Human Sciences and Humanities through African Perspectives, Sub-Saharan Publishers 2012. ISBN 978-9988-647-99-5

 ’An information “black hole”: World War I in Africa’

Edited Book

László Z. Karvalics (ed), Information History of the First World War, UNESCO/ L’Harmattan Publishing, 2015 

 ’An information “black hole”: World War I in Africa’

Edited Book

 L.Z. Karvalics (ed),  'Information History of the First World War', L'Harmattan/UNESCO, 2015

Additional Publications

Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
06-Feb-2020 Kwame Nkrumah and the Dawn of the Cold War: The West African National Secretariat (1945-48)

Launch of my book at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana.

23-Jan-2020 Black British History

Launch of seminar series by IHR and London South Bank University.

23-Jan-2020 Black British History: A Conversation

Introductory seminar for a new series: 'Black British History', organised by Institute of Historical Research & School of Advanced Study University of London.

28-Sep-2019 Conference on 'the New wave on Nkrumaism'

Organised by the London-based Pan-Nkrumaist Convention. I am the main speaker at the morning session.

23-Aug-2019 The trade in enslaved Africans

Main contributor for TV program by NTV Broadcasting company of Russia. Screened on 23 August.

21-Feb-2019 Malcolm X in England

 This is a film funded by the Smithsonian Institution; I was one of the contributors filmed on 3rd January. Will be shown on the Smithsonian Channel.

08-Dec-2018 Amy Ashwood Garvey

 'Women on Aeroplanes' exhibition at The Showroom Gallery by The Otolith Collective.  Talk on AAG, who is one of the women in the exhibition. (I contributed much.)

06-Dec-2018 George Padmore

 'Hands Off Africa!!' - ICWS conference to mark the 60th aniversary of the AAPC in Accra

03-Nov-2018 The work and campaigns of BASA

Black and Asian Studies Association: A 27 year Review Conference 

05-Sep-2018 Frantz Fanon and the struggle for African unity

 The Legacy of Fanon: Contemporary Challenges to Racism and Oppression,

Liverpool Hope University

04-Sep-2018 discussion

 I discussed additions to the Liverpool nternational Slave Trade Museum exhibition with its director, Dr Richard Benjamin.

01-Aug-2018 Porraimos - Romani Holocaust

 I was an invited guest 

07-Jun-2018 This House Believes Israel is a Destabilising Force

 Durham Union Debate (one of eight speakers) 

03-Feb-2018 Africans in East Kent since c.700AD

 Faversham Society History Fair

17-Oct-2017 Authors’ Round Table

Christ Church University, Canterbury (with two other authors)

13-Oct-2017 The beginning of the Cold war in Ghana

 Institute for Black Atlantic Research, ‘The Red and the Black’, University of Central Lancashire

07-Jul-2017 interview

 45 minute interview on 'Talk Time', Pan-African Television, Accra

29-Jun-2017 ‘Nkrumah, the West African National Secretariat and the Beginning of the Cold War in the Gold Coast’

 Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Festival, Institute of African Studies, Univ. of Ghana, Legon

22-Jun-2017 film: Dr. KWAME NKRUMAH

 I was filmed for a forthcoming film by RoomGreat Limited in Accra.

04-Mar-2017 Claudia Jones

Working Class Movement Library, Salford


05-Nov-2016  Introduction to peoples of African origins/descent in the UK for the past 2000 years

'Black History Day', organised by Kariku Community Action and Canterbury Ethnic Minority Independent Council

20-Oct-2016 Malcolm X in Manchester

University of Manchester Students Union and Islamic Society

15-Oct-2016 Black Members of Unison: Black History Month

Speaking on School Curricula

05-Oct-2016 Canterbury Christ Church University: 'Black Rights 2016'

'The school curricula in which you don't exist'

06-May-2016 Creating Joined-up Resources for a Diverse Curriculum

 I am on the panel of three 'experts'  to discuss  the Runnymede Trust's curriculum proposals..

16-Apr-2016 'The Making of the Black Working Class in Britain' - 30th Anniversary Event

 The event was organised by the TUC's Race Equality Team to acknowledge the importance of this book.

25-Feb-2016 'The West African National Secretariat: the beginning of the Cold War in the Gold Coast'

 special seminar at the Department of History, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

18-Feb-2016 'The West African National Secretariat: the beginning of the Cold War in the Gold Coast'

 special seminar at Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon

21-Oct-2015 An overview of the history of peoples of African origins/descent in the UK

Directorate of Social Work Celebrates Black History Month, University of Salford

20-Oct-2015 The forgotten war: World War I in Afirca

Special event at Working Class Movement Library, Salford

03-Oct-2015 Life and Legacy of Claudia Jones

Centenary Commemoration by East Oxford Community Centre

10-Sep-2015 'The West African National Secretariat and the failure of the Lagos Conference to materialise, 1948'

The British International History Group 27th Annual Conference

08-Sep-2015 The Fifth Pan-African Congress Revisited

'Panel Discussion' at Autography, London

22-Aug-2015 Inspired Highlights About Claudia Jones

Claudia Jones at 100

16-Aug-2015 'Recruiting for the war in Africa 1914-1919

BLACK SKIN WHITE FATIGUES Imperialist military recruitment of Black and Asian peoples

27-Jul-2015 Notting Hill Carnival

forthcoming film by Blackstone Valentine Ltd

30-Jun-2015 BBC Wonder: Caribbean Soldiers


18-Apr-2015 Changing Britain 1945-1979 - some of the immigrants

Changing Britain Festival, Southbank Centre, London

06-Mar-2015 The Life and Legacy of Claudia Jones

SERTUC Race Relations Event, TUC, London

26-Feb-2015 Colonies and Colonials in World War 2

Historical Association, Canterbury Branch

04-Dec-2014 Malcolm X: Visits abroad

Malcolm X in Britain Conference

29-Jan-2014 Encounters with Four Trinidadian Radicals

 Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies, Trinidad

24-Jan-2014 Britain's Historic Black Population

 Department of History, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

30-Nov-2013 Black Activists and The Making of the English Working Class

 Conference on 'The Making of the English Working Class at 50'

05-Oct-2013 Africa's Black Star - The political rise and fall of Dr Kwame Nkrumah

 Revision Film Season: 'Black History is World History', Portobello Road, London

(co-presenter with Dr Ama Biney and Asari-St-Hill)

04-Oct-2013 Struggles in Manchester before & after 1945's Pan-African Congress

 Working Class Movement Library, Black History Month, special event

03-Oct-2013 Colonies and colonials

 Manchester BBC

12-Sep-2013 Colonial Peoples' Conferences, 1945

 Conference on Blackness in Britain, Newman University, Birmingham

22-May-2013 Africans in Kent since c. 700AD

 Faversham Society

21-Apr-2013 The hidden contribution of George Padmore,

 Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lecture Series, Pan-Afrikan People's Phone-in

24-Oct-2012 An African farmer in Edwardian Kent

Kent History and Library Centre, Maidstone

01-Jan-2012 History, the Nations and the Schools

30 June 2012, Bishopsgate Institute

01-Jan-2012 Musings of a Hungarian Pan-Africanist: From Henry Sylvester Williams to Malcolm X

13 February 2012, Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University

01-Jan-2012 Reducing reoffending for ethnic minority offenders

17 January 2012, BTEG/Runnymede Trust, House of Commons

01-Jan-2012 2012 Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lecture

London Branch of Ghana's Convention Peoples' Party

01-Jan-2012 Discover Black British History Beyond the Windrush

01-Jan-2012 Pan African Congress Debate

11 September 2012, Manchester Museum


01-Jan-2012 What does Pan-Africanism mean?

NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis

01-Jan-2011 Pan-African Conference

Tuesday 4 October 2011, 6.30-8pm

01-Jan-2011 Malcolm X: Visits Abroad

Thursday, 20 October 2011 from 18:30 to 20:30

 Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre (University of Manchester)


01-Jan-2011 Malcolm X, visits abroad April 1964-February 1965

Wednesday 19 October at 6.30pm

Working Class Movement Library in Salford

01-Jan-2011 Propagators of Pan-Africanism and the history of African Unity’

22 October 2011, Central Scotland African Union, Stirling


01-Jan-2011 Black British History Education Event

08 Noviembre 2011, Institute of Education

01-Jan-2011 'Sylvester Williams, the Pan-African Congress and Pan-Africanism’

3 March 2011, University of California, Berkeley

01-Jan-2011 'Henry Sylvester Williams and the origins of Pan-Africanise’

7 March 2011, UCLA Dept of History

01-Jan-2011 Malcolm X: why was it necessary to kill him?’

8 March 2011, Dept. of American Studies and Ethnicity, USC

01-Jan-2011 ‘Claudia Jones: a life of struggle and exile’

10 March 2011, Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies, UCLA

01-Jan-2011 ‘Black Britain: the Pan-African Conference of 1900’ (keynote speaker)

19 March 2011, North Carolina Central University, 3rd African Diaspora Studies Symposium: keynote speaker

01-Jan-2011 ‘Nkrumah and the Cold War’

31 March 2011, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana,

01-Jan-2011 ‘The colonies, Black Britons and WWI and WWII’

14 May 2011, Historical Associaton Annual Conference,

01-Jan-2011 'The Forerunner of Bandung: Subject Peoples’ Conference June 1945’ (guestspeaker)

26 May 2011, Africa Asia Scholars Global Network, Consultative Forum

01-Jan-2011 ‘Reflections on anglo-American civil rights protests’

16 June 2011, University of Oxford, The Other Special Relationship: UK-US Protest Movements Conference

01-Jan-2011 ‘Henry Sylvester Williams and his “descendant” George Padmore'

25 June 2011, Black & Asian Studies Annual Conference

01-Jan-2011 ‘Peoples of African origins in Britain for the past 2000 years’

2 May 2011, Faversham Library, Talk Time

01-Jan-2011 ‘Malcolm X’s visits abroad’

14 June 2011, Centerprise Midsummer Literature Festival

01-Jan-2011 'Black people in Kent from the 16th century onward’

25 June 2011, Faversham Festival

01-Jan-2011 'Malcolm X: visits abroad’

2 July 2011, Northants Heritage Lives, book launch event

01-Jan-2011 Radio appearance

30 June 2011: two hours on the Breaking The Spell Radio Show

01-Jan-2011 Radio appearance

12 July, 2011 15 minutes on Colourful

01-Jan-2011 Speaker at George Padmore Blue Plaque unveiling

28 June 2011 Camden London

01-Jan-2011 ‘The challenges of Euro-Centric Curriculum’

5 July 2011, Show Racism the Red Card: Tackling Racism and Promoting Race Equality, Reading, workshop

01-Jan-2010 ’History of Diversity’

August 12, 16, 19 2010: Kent Police, Mid-Kent Diversity Foundation Event

01-Jan-2010 ‘The importance of Herstories’

15 October 2010, New Initiatives Youth & Community Association

01-Jan-2010 ‘Immigration’

26 October 2010, Institute of Education, History Special Interest Group seminar

01-Jan-2010 Short speech on Malcolm X

29 October 2010, Collective Artists, the play ‘The Meeting’

01-Jan-2010 ‘The colonies and WWII’

25 November 2010, Mill Hill County High Schools, The International Evening, Guest speaker

01-Jan-2010 ‘Black political Activism in Britain 1900 – 1965’

20 May 2010, Seminar for IHR

01-Jan-2010 ‘The Pan-African Conference, Kumasi, 1953 ‘

24 May 2010, Accra, Ghana: Kwame Nkrumah Centenary Colloquium, called by the African Union and Government of Ghana

01-Jan-2010 ‘Padmore et al: the work of the International African Service Bureau 1937 – 1939’

5 June 2010, Black & Asian Studies Association Conference

01-Jan-2010 ‘Nkrumah’s attempts to work with Francophone Africans for African unity, 1945 – 1953’

6-7 September 2010, ‘1960: the year of Africa’ and French de-colonisation revisited’ Conference, University of Portsmouth

01-Jan-2010 ‘Nkrumah and Pan-Africanism’

15 December 2010, ICwS Commonwealth Research seminar series

WWII: Colonies & colonials

Launches for my book at: The Global Centre, Exeter, 7 April, 2013; Northants Community Centre, 22 June 2013; Mustard Tree, Ancoats, 4 October 2013; Ahmed Iqbal Centre, University of Manchester, 3 October 2013

Magna Carta in Education workshop

Magna Carta 800 Years Conference, organised by Human Rights Office

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