Dr Gil Gambash

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Dr Gil Gambash
Position/Fellowship type:
Visiting Fellow
Fellowship term:
01-Jan-2021 to 01-Aug-2021
Institute of Classical Studies
Home institution:
University of Haifa
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Gil Gambash is a classical historian, studying the ancient Mediterranean. He is the co-founder and director of the Haifa Center for Mediterranean History. He spends the year 2020 at the ICS as a Leverhulme visiting scholar, working on ecological perspectives of Mediterranean societies. His current project focuses on arid areas and their interaction with the maritime sphere, seeking to explain modes of primary production, habits of consumption, and economic dependencies. The launching point of the project will be the southern Levantine Negev, and its dominant wine industry, which relied on carefully devised runoff farming. During his fellowship he will deliver several lectures in relevant UK departments, and coordinate, with Prof. Greg Woolf, the ICS History Seminar of autumn 2020. Dr Gambash will continue as a Visiting Fellow following his term as a Leverhulme Fellow.

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