Dr Nicoletta Bruno

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Dr Nicoletta Bruno
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Visiting Fellow
Fellowship term:
20 November 2021 (January 2022)) to 30 November 2021 (February 2022)
Institute of Classical Studies
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University of Bari Aldo Moro
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I am currently working on an interdisciplinary research project on the role of the Archaiologíai and Kulturgeschichte inside the literary works (from Thucydides to Seneca), the narrative techniques used by the authors, the different temporal perspectives in the storytelling and the use of analogy that links selected texts. In the early cultural histories there are usually recurrent common motifs and considerations on the progress and evolution of mankind or analogies with the author’s time.
During my stay at the ICS, I intend to write an essay entitled “Mankind and Mother Earth: Lucretius, Seneca and the philosophical meaning of the universal history”. Despite the dissimilarities in philosophical approaches, discussions and judgements on the history of progress and decline of civilization, Lucretius and Seneca seem to believe in the usefulness of a universal history of mankind only if inserted in the natural history of the world.

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