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Kathryn Allison
GDL in 2013 at BPP Law School and in 2015; LLM in International Human Rights Law at Queen Mary University of London
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Refugee Law Initiative
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Queen Mary University of London
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Human rights
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Whilst working full time in International Development for 6 years, Kathryn completed her GDL in 2013 at BPP Law School and in the academic year 2015, she finished her LLM in International Human Rights Law at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) with distinction. In September 2016, Kathryn re-joined the School of Law at QMUL as a PhD candidate and was awarded with Queen Mary University of London Research Studentship. Her thesis is entitled Causing Forced Displacement: An Inquiry on ‘Displacing Third State’ Responsibility. Through a legal-doctrinal methodology, drawing on a multi-disciplinary approach (IHL, IRL and IHRL), the research scrutinises the responsibility of displacing third countries, that have contributed to displacement, whether directly or indirectly, through acts or omissions amounting to internationally wrongful conduct. Two key questions are addressed: firstly, is the causing of forced displacement an international legal wrong? If so, what primary obligations, when breached, cause flows of people? Secondly, can the laws on State responsibility be applied to hold displacing third States accountable for causing such flows when they breach these primary obligations? Kathryn is also involved in a research group on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and regular migration conved by Professor Elspeth Guild.


Publications/recent projects

  • K Allinson, 'The right to be recognised as a person before the law' and 'Immigration Detention' in E Guild, S Grant, C Groenendijk, The Human Rights of Migrants(Opens in new window) (forthcoming, 2018)
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