Dr Sandra Daroczi

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Dr Sandra Daroczi
PhD at the University of Exeter
Position/Fellowship type:
Associate Members - Teaching Fellow in Politics, Languages and International (University of Bath)
Institute of Languages Cultures and Societies
Home institution:
University of Bath
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Literatures in a modern language
Summary of research interests and expertise:


Sandra Daroczi is a Teaching Fellow in Politics, Languages and International Studies at the University of Bath, having completed her PhD at the University of Exeter. Her work centres around the question of ‘how we read women’, analysing the reception of contemporary French women writers. Her current research focuses on the work of Julia Kristeva, Marie Darrieussecq and Monique Wittig, simultaneously trying to articulate reception and intertextuality within a wider theory of the other. Her other interests include gender studies and theories of the other; the portrayal of marginal groups in literature and other cultural media; Francophonie; and the promotion of language learning.

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