Dr Alexandra Kurmann

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Dr Alexandra Kurmann
MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury; PhD from the University of Melbourne
Position/Fellowship type:
Associate Members - Senior Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Institute of Languages Cultures and Societies
Home institution:
Macquarie University, Sydney
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Research interests:
Language and Literature (French)
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Alexandra Kurmann is Senior Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. She received her MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury and her PhD, entitled 'Lecteur Idéal, Lecteur Imaginaire: The Intertextual Relationship Fostered by Linda Lê with an Imaginary Ingeborg Bachmann’, from the University of Melbourne.Her esearch interests lie in the field of Compartive Literature and in the application of 20th-century French philosophy and theory to literary analysis. She works on Vietnamese diasporic writing from a global perspective, bringing into dialogue literatures from the English and French-speaking worlds. Her current research project examines the intersection of queerness, refugeeism and class in the work of Ocean Vuong. Kurmann's first monograph Intertextual Weaving in the Work of Linda Lê: Imagining the Ideal Reader, was published in 2016. She has published widely on diasporic literature in the journals Comparative LiteratureThe Australian Journal of French Studies, and The Women in German Yearbook.

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