Dr Ely Aaronson

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Dr Ely Aaronson
LL.B. (magna cum lauder), University of Haifa, 2000; LL.M. New York University, 2004; MA (sumna cum laude), Tel Aviv University; PhD, LSE
Position/Fellowship type:
Visiting Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
18-Sep-2023 to 22-Dec-2023
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Home institution:
University of Haifa
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Legal History; Transnational Criminal Justice; Law and Colonialism; Transnational Legal Theory.

Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

My research explores the historical evolution of transnational and domestic cannabis policies from the late nineteenth century to the present. In particular, it examines how legal ideas and institutional models that originally emerged in colonial settings had diffused globally throughout the 20th century and became embedded in international prohibition norms. My residence at the Institute will enable me to deepen the research on the colonial roots of cannabis prohibitions and regulations, and the impact of this colonial legacy on the development of international and domestic policies in the postcolonial world.  

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