Professor Marie Fox

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Professor Marie Fox
Position/Fellowship type:
Visiting Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
02-Oct-2023 to 31-Aug-2023
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Home institution:
University of Liverpool
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Animal law, veterinary ethics, health law and feminist theory.

Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

The project takes up the following research questions:

Animal Law, Law and Emotions, Bereavement Studies

Why is grief following animal loss culturally trivialised, downplayed or disenfranchised, notwithstanding our emotional attachment to them?

How is animal loss analogous to and different from other forms of disenfranchised grief, where law is according tentative recognition, e.g. reproductive loss (McGuinness and Austin, Calder).

What can reading law through a lens of grief or loss, in line Law and Emotions scholarship contribute to our understanding of legal engagements with animal-human relations across a range of sites?

What would law look like if it took human-animal relationships seriously?

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