Mr Daniel Snowman

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Mr Daniel Snowman
BA (Cantab, 1961), and MA (Cornell, 1963)
Position/Fellowship type:
Senior Research Fellow
Fellowship term:
Institute of Historical Research
Home institution:
19 Patshull Road Kentish Town London NW5 2JX
07956 628265
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Culture, History, Modern History , Music
Summary of research interests and expertise:

Current and changing attitudes to the past; links between history of the arts and 'mainstream' history.

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Related publications/articles:

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03-Feb-2014 Giuseppe Verdi

The History Press [Pocket Giants series]

01-Jan-2009 The Gilded Stage: A Social History of Opera

Atlantic Books, 2009; paperback edition, 2010; Italian edition (Il Palco d'oro) Elliot Edizioni, 2010; Chinese edition: Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2012; Spanish edition (La Ópera: Una historia social) Siruela, 2012

01-Jan-2007 Historians

Palgrave Macmillan

01-Jan-2007 Hallelujah! An informal history of the London Philharmonic Choir

London Philharmonic Choir

01-Jan-2002 The Hitler Emigrés: The Cultural Impact on Britain of Refugees from Nazism

Chatto & Windus

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