Professor Richard Green

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Professor Richard Green
Position/Fellowship type:
Associate Fellow
Fellowship term:
01-Jan-2011 to 31-Jul-2018
Institute of Classical Studies
Home institution:
Sydney and Adelaide
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Archaeology, Classics
Summary of research interests and expertise:

material evidence for the style of performance in Greek and Roman theatre; so-called phlyax vases, mainly from South Italy and Sicily, with scenes reflecting the performance of fourth-century comedy

Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

co-ordinator of the Institute of Classical Studies Theatre Project

Publication Details

Related publications/articles:

Date Details
14-Jun-2014 Establishing the Background. The Beginnings of Greek Theatre in Cyprus


A.Ch. Konstantinou and I. Hadjicosti (eds), To archaio theatro kai i Kypros(Bank of Cyprus Foundation)35-57

14-Mar-2014 Tragic Chorusmen in Taranto and Athens


Ostraka 21, 2012 [2014], 155-164

14-Mar-2014 Regional Theatre in the Fourth Century. The Evidence of Comic Figurines of Boeotia, Corinth and Cyprus


in: E. Csapo, H.R. Goette, J.R. Green and P. Wilson (eds), Greek Theatre in the Fourth Century B.C (Berlin: de Gruyter)

14-Feb-2014 Two Phaedras: Euripides and Aristophanes?


in: S.D. Olson (ed.), Ancient Comedy and Reception. Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Henderson (Berlin: de Gruyter) 94-131

14-Jan-2014 Greek Theatre in the Fourth Century B.C.

Edited Book

co-edit with E. Czapo (Berlin: de Gruyter) xvi + 578 pp

12-Dec-2013 Song, Torch, Pyrrhic: Naming the Winner

in Antike Kunst (2013) 56-61

01-Jun-2013 Eric Walter Handley (1926-2013)


 Logeion. A Journal of Ancient Theatre ix-xvi

13-May-2013 Roman bronze lamps with masks


 HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture 23-65

01-Jan-2013 Nea Paphos


 in Aphrodite's Island (2012) 55-56

01-Jan-2012 Comic Vases in South Italy. Continuity and innovation in the development of a figurative language


in K. Bosher (ed.), Theater Outside Athens. Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy (Cambridge: CUP) 289-342

01-Jan-2011 Phamprika: To Archeio Theatro tis Paphou


with C. Barker and S. Gabrieli, Nicosia: Moufflon

Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
01-Jan-2011 Pictures of pictures of Comedy

paper delivered at the Colloquium in Honour of Eric Handley - Images and Texts - 5 October 2011

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