Professor Arthur Grimes

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Professor Arthur Grimes
PhD (LSE), 1987; MSc in Economics (LSE), 1985; B Soc Sc (Waikato), 1978
Position/Fellowship type:
New Zealand-UK Link Foundation Visiting Professorship, 2013
Fellowship term:
01-Sep-2013 to 30-Nov-2013
Central Services of the School
Home institution:
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research and University of Auckland
Related institutes:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Level 1, 97 Cuba Street, PO Box 24390, WELLINGTON 6142, NEW ZEALAND
00 64 4 939 4250
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Research interests:
Fellowships, Law, Political Institutions
Summary of research interests and expertise:

I am a research economist and consultant, with strong links to public policy. My research centres around infrastructure, housing economics, and macroeconomics (including currency union). Most of my research is conducted through Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust, and I am affiliated to University of Auckland as Adjunct Professor of Economics. I am Chair of the Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Chair of the Hugo Group, Chair of the Postal Network Access Committee and Associate Member of the Financial Markets Authority board. I consult to private and public sector clients, and sit on the board of a number of community organisations. In 2005, I was awarded the NZIER Economics Award recognising excellence in areas of economics that relate to New Zealand's economic welfare.

Project summary relevant to Fellowship:

Professor Grimes's report on his fellowship at the School [PDF]

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Related publications/articles:

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2013 Grimes, A. “Infrastructure and Regional Economic Growth”, Chapter 28 in Handbook of Regional Science (eds. M. Fischer & P. Nijkamp). Berlin: Springer Verlag, forthcoming.


2009 Hess, Kurt, Arthur Grimes & Mark Holmes. “Credit Losses in Australasian Banking”, Economic Record, 85, 331-343.

Journal articles

2006 John Singleton, Arthur Grimes, Gary Hawke & Frank Holmes, Innovation in Central Banking: A History of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Auckland: Auckland University Press

Edited Book

2004 Bjorksten, Nils, Ozer Karagedikli, Christopher Plantier & Arthur Grimes. "What Does the Taylor Rule Say About New Zealand - Australia Currency Union?", Economic Record, 80(Supplement 1), S34-S42.

Journal articles

1996 Evans, L., A. Grimes, B. Wilkinson with D. Teece. "Economic Reform in New Zealand 1984-95: The Pursuit of Efficiency", Journal of Economic Literature, 34, Dec., 1856-1902.

Journal articles

Government/policy work:

Date Details
2011 Grimes, A. “Making Multiple Places into a Place – Infrastructure, Governance and Planning in Auckland”, in S. Chisholm (ed.) Investing in Better Places: International Perspectives, St Andrews: The Smith Institute, 69-78.

2005 Grimes, A., J. Singleton, G. Hawke & F. Holmes. "Twenty Years of Modernisation: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand", in N. Courtis & P. Nicholl (eds.) Central Bank Modernisation, London: Central Bank Publications, 167-182.

2001 Grimes A. “Review of New Zealand Monetary Policy”, Agenda, 8(4), 65-82.

2000 Arthur Grimes, Frank Holmes and Roger Bowden, An ANZAC Dollar: Currency Union and Business Development, Wellington: Institute of Policy Studies.

1996 Grimes A. "Public Standards & Private Monitoring: New Zealand's New Banking Supervision Regime", Agenda, 3(3), 277-286.

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Programme of public lectures

NZ-UK Link Foundation Visiting Professorship programme of public lectures September-December 2013 Flyer [PDF]

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