Blackburn's 'Worthy Citizen'; The Philanthropic Legacy of R.E. Hart

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This project is hosted by: Institute of English Studies

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English Literature, History
Africa, Asia, United Kingdom
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02-Jan-2013 - 02-Jan-2014
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In 1946, R.E. Hart, the grandson of a Blackburn rope maker, left his collection of over 500 manuscripts and early books to the Blackburn Museum and Library. The manuscripts and books, which range from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, became part of the 'reference library' at Blackburn. Hart's intent was for these books to be seen and used by the local community. A note from a former librarian, found in a fourteenth-century lectionary, reads 'Books are expected to be returned in the condition in which they are lent.'
The Hart Collection is currently underused by its intended audience. This project will raise the profile of the Hart collection in the academic community, and within the community of Blackburn itself. An exhibition of Blackburn manuscripts and books at Senate House Library in London will give graduate students the experience of interacting with heritage professionals while opening up a unique manuscript collection for a non-specialist audience.

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Professor Warwick Gould Senior Research Fellow IES