Linguistic landscapes of Amman and London

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Institute of Languages Cultures and Societies

Research interests:
Communities, Classes, Races, Literatures in a modern language
Africa, Africa, Asia, Asia, Australasia, Australasia, Middle East, Middle East, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Project period:
01-Mar-2020 - 31-Dec-2021
Project categories:
Research project
Project summary:

This collaboration is aimed to bridge research and teaching in relation to multilingualism and translation studies. In particular, we aim to draw on the field of linguistic landscape studies which studies the presence of languages in the physical landscape, primarily in relation to urban areas and public signage.

While this research takes place primarily in the field of linguistics, we aim to bring a more transdisciplinary perspective by bridging our distinct research expertise in sociolinguistics and translation studies, as well as emphasising the more affective aspects of the landscape and its role in relation to the creation or shaping of a sense of urban belonging.

By exploring urban landscapes of London and Amman we also intend to emphasise the distinct
experiences of familiarisation and defamiliarisation that each researcher, and the associated students, bring to their research, and place our own sense of belonging at the centre of the research. By voicing our own experiences, we seek to voice our own sense of recognition and identification within these  urban landscapes.

Management Details

Lead researcher & project contact:

Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Dr Naomi Wells Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies School of Advanced Study, University of London



Funder Grant type Award
The British Academy Knowledge Frontiers Symposium CBRL Seed Funding £3,950.00