Connected Histories of Empire: France and Britain in the South Pacific, 1890-1914

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This project is hosted by: University of London Institute in Paris

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Modern History
Africa, Africa, Asia, Asia, Europe, Europe, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
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03-Aug-2020 - 13-Dec-2023
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Research project
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This project examines French perspectives on, and connections with, British settler colonies in Australia and New Zealand during the period of extensive social reform and political reorganization in the antipodes at the turn of the twentieth century. Seeking models for the reorganization of an ailing ‘old world’ civilization, and for the stabilization of political authority in the settler colony of Algeria, French reformers looked to these territories of the British Empire. Their perspectives were framed by the ever-closer collaboration of French and British authorities in the South Pacific, where the supposed imperial rivals increasingly relied upon each other to protect their respective interests and a shared sense of white, European status. The project demonstrates how interimperial connections in this region shaped the construction of dominant discourses of race and masculinity in Europe. The research contributes, in this way, to a deeper understanding of how power operated in and between empires.

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Dr Charlotte Legg



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The British Academy Small Research Grants £9,858.00