DecolonItaly. Challenging Colonial Legacies in Contemporary Italian Culture

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Institute of Languages Cultures and Societies

Research interests:
Colonies & Colonization, emigration & immigration, Communities, Classes, Races, Language and Literature (Italian)
Europe, Europe
Project period:
28-Nov-2022 - 27-Nov-2025
Project categories:
Fellowship grant
Project summary:

Italy’s involvement in colonial endeavours (Eritrea, Somalia, Libya, Ethiopia, 1890–1960), and the controversial memory of those experiences has remained a neglected page of national history. Though academic research has finally acknowledged colonialism’s impact on the configuration of modern Italy, less attention has been given to cultural practices that engage with the material and cultural debris that emerges from the colonial past. "DecolonItaly" aims to contribute to addressing this gap, by considering how previously unexplored artistic practices (film, music, and performance) have been using and challenging the colonial legacies that pervade modern and contemporary Italian society and culture.

Management Details

Lead researcher & project contact:

Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Dr Gianmarco Mancosu British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies School of Advanced Study, University of London



Funder Grant type Award
The British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship £259,168.42