The Matter of Race in Early Modern Italy: 1500-1700

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: Warburg Institute

Research interests:
History, Language and Literature (Italian)
Europe, Europe
Project period:
26-Sep-2022 - 25-Sep-2025
Project categories:
Fellowship grant
Project summary:

This research seeks to examine the development of constructions of race in Italy from the sixteenth to the beginning of the eighteenth century through the lens of the materials used by artists and craftsmen to depict people of African descent. Using the resources of the Menil ‘Image of the Black in Western Art’ photographic archive at the Warburg Institute, the project will explore how the use of materials such as lacquer, gold, marble and bronze can provide a unique insight into the development of ideas about race, skin colour and the human body in early modern Italy.

Management Details

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Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Dr Hannah Lee Warburg Institute School of Advanced Study, University of London



Funder Grant type Award
The British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship £259,076.80