Democratic Duties, Collective Action, and the Greater Good after COVID-19 - CO-DUTIES

Project Summary

This project is hosted by: University of London Institute in Paris

Research interests:
Project period:
01-Sep-2022 - 31-Aug-2024
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Research project
Project summary:

The project poses three basic research questions, addressing its historical, political and normative aspects in turn:

  • How has the treatment of rights and duties in political and legal discourse changed in the post-1945 period such that imperfect duties of virtue, in particular, have lost their political status? 
  • How were each of (vertical) civic duties, (horizontal) humanitarian duties, and (mixed) associative duties, understood, framed, and enacted during and after the Coronavirus lockdowns in three liberal democracies: Norway, France and the UK?
  • How can empirical understanding of this resurgence of duties inform a theoretical account of the prospects for collective action in response to “greater good” causes?

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Management Details

Lead researcher & project contact:

Name Position Institute Organisation Contact
Professor Anna-Louise Milne University of London Institute in Paris University of London
Professor Simon Reid-Henry Peace Research Institute Oslo



Funder Grant type Award
Research Council of Norway International £57,278.43