Professor Kern Alexander

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Professor Kern Alexander
University education: AB (Cornell Univ.), MSc (Univ. of Oxford), MPhil (Univ. of Cambridge), PhD (Univ. of London).
Senior Research Fellow in Financial Services Law and Regulation
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Charles Clore House 17 Russell Square London WC1B 5DR
020 7862 5851
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
International Law
Summary of research interests and expertise:

UK and European banking and financial services law and regulation; corporate governance of financial institutions, the history of globalisation of financial markets and the development of legal and economic theories of financial regulation; and economic/financial sanctions regulation and policy; principles v. rules in financial regulation.

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Related publications/articles:

Date Details
01-Jan-2012 Legislative Comment Enhancing European Bank Resolution and Recovery

Journal articles

in Maastricht Journal of Euorpean and Comparative Law

2011 'The European Systemic Risk Board and the Hard Edges of Soft Law' European law Review

Alexander, K. & E. Ferran (October 2010 – forthcoming)

Peer-reviewed articles

01-Jan-2011 Rebuilding International Financial Regulation and Basel III,

Journal articles

Journal of Banking Law and Banking (JBB)23(5) 337-344

01-Jan-2011 Reforming European Financial Supervision

Journal articles

European Law Academy Forum 12(2) 229-252

01-Jan-2011 Market Structures and Market Abuse

in J. Barth and M. Taylor (eds) Enclyclopedia of Final Stability

01-Jan-2011 EU sovereign Debt Restructuring and Collective Action Clauses

In Sethe, R Hity, P Nobel (eds) Liber Amicorum: Feschrift fur Rolf Weber

2010 Rebuilding the International Financial Architecture' in Journal of International Economic Law (Oxford: OUP)

Peer-reviewed article

2010 ‘Extra-territorial Jurisdiction and US and EU Income Tax Policy: The Case of the Savings Tax Directive’

Swiss Review of Business and Financial Law

2009 Market Abuse and Insider Dealing, Tottel, 2009

Hardback - ISBN - 9781847661357

Additional Publications

Government/policy work:

Date Details
2010 Clearing and Settlement in the EU

European Parliament, Report

2010 Crisis Management, Burden Sharing and Solidarity Mechanisms in the EU

European Parliament, Report,

2010 European Parliament Special Committee on the Financial Crisis, Which Supervisory Model for Europe

European Parliament Article

2007 Financial supervision and crisis management in the EU. Brussels: European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Alexander, K., Eatwell, J. Persaud, A. and Reoch, R. (2007)

Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
01-Jan-2010 European Parliament

Invited speaker

01-Jan-2010 European Society for International Law, Granada University

Invited Speaker

01-Jan-2009 House of Commons Treasury Select Committee

Invited speaker to give evidence

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