Professor Katherine Harloe

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Professor Katherine Harloe
Institute of Classical Studies
University of London Senate House, Malet Street
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05-Mar-2023 'What do they know of cricket, who only cricket know?' Classical and colonial knowledge in C.L.R. James' Beyond a Boundary

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Harloe, Katherine and Mathura Umachandran. "What Do They Know of Cricket, Who Only Cricket Know?": Classical and Colonial Knowledge in C. L. R. James' Beyond a Boundary." American Journal of Philology, vol. 143 no. 4, 2022, p. 567-595. Project MUSE, doi:10.1353/ajp.2022.0024.

Abstract: Part sociological analysis of race and class in colonial Trinidad, part autobiographical Bildungsroman, Beyond a Boundary is the cricketing memoir of Trinidadian intellectual and anticolonial activist C. L. R. James (1901–1989). We argue that it offers a good site for thinking through the position of the racially minoritized intellectual entangled in neocolonial logics of cultural hierarchy and identification. We examine James' use of ironic narrative voice to instrumentalize the colonial values encoded in the "Spirit of Cricket." Beyond a Boundary therefore re-imagines the scope of knowledge-making, be it in cricket, art, or indeed Classics, beyond traditionally naturalized hierarchies of race and class.

01-Feb-2023 Introduction to the Folio Society Edition


Folio’s fabulous limited edition of the first great military history has been expertly handbound in full-grain leather. Featuring illustrations by Nick Hayes and an exclusive introduction by Katherine Harloe...

02-Jan-2022 Leben in (Liebes-)Briefen. Lesarten von Winckelmanns Korrespondenz im langen 19. Jahrhundert


<p>Article in C. Keller and C. Schmaelze, eds, Archaeologien der Moderne. Winckelmann um 1900. Zeitschrift fuer Aesthetik und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft Sonderheft 23 (2022), 91-111.</p>

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Beyond 'Notability': Re-evaluating Women's Work in Archaeology, History and Heritage in Britain, 1870 - 1950 Institute of Classical Studies
Project period: 01-Oct-2021 - 30-Sep-2024

Research interests: Classics, History

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18-Jun-2023 Arts changing lives: building a community of practice around research and evaluation in participatory arts

A collaboration between the School of Advanced Study and Chickenshed, an inclusive theatre company based in Enfield, is seeking to establish a community of practice based on knowledge exchange between arts and humanities researchers and community arts organisations. 

The collaboration will explore how research can better support and integrate with participatory creative arts programmes and act as a catalyst for social and community change.

The team have run a series of exploratory events aimed at strengthening understanding between the research and creative communities and exploring the scope for collaboration. 

These events have involved thinking about what research is and how it might relate to community arts practice, and considering how evaluation might be made to work in ways more attuned to the values and ethos of participatory research and practice. 


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