Dr Kate Daubney

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Dr Kate Daubney
Director of the Careers Group
The Careers Group
Stewart House | 32 Russell Square | London WC1B 5DN
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I am an experienced careers and employability professional with 20 years of experience. I have developed and published practice-led research in employability and curriculum in both higher education and pre-18 learning. I advise universities across the UK and around the world on careers education and employability development strategies. I also have research and practice specialisms in employability development in pre-18 education and the value of curriculum in preparing learners for the transition to work (regulatory Benchmark 4).
From 1993-2000, I was a higher education academic, specialising in film musicology. As well as publishing my own research, I set up and was Series Editor of the Scarecrow Film Score Guides (https://rowman.com/action/series/scp/fsg) which issued volumes from 2004-2011.

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