Dr Ophelia Deroy

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Dr Ophelia Deroy
Deputy Director
Institute of Philosophy
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04-Apr-2016 Understanding the Correspondences: Introduction to the Special Issue on Crossmodal Correspondences

Journal articles

 Multisensory Research

07-Mar-2016 Differentiated audio-tactile correspondences in sighted and blind individuals

Journal articles

 Journal of Experimental Psychology.

01-Jan-2016 Crossmodal correspondences: four challenges. Multisensory Research

Journal articles

01-Sep-2015 Can sounds be red? A new account of synaesthesia as enriched experience

Conference papers

 Phenomenal Qualities, Oxford : OUP.

08-Jul-2015 On tasty colours and colourful tastes? Assessing, explaining, and utilizing crossmodal correspondences between colours and basic tastes

Journal articles

 Flavour, 4(1), 1-17

27-May-2015 Eat insects for fun, not to help the environment

Journal articles

 Nature, 521(7553), 395-395.

15-May-2015 Bouba-Kiki in the plate: combining crossmodal correspondences to change flavour experience

 Flavour 2015, 4:22

15-May-2015 Bouba-Kiki in the plate: combining crossmodal correspondences to change flavour experience.

Journal articles

  Flavour, 4(1), 22.

18-Apr-2015 As light as your footsteps: altering walking sounds to change perceived body weight, emotional state and gait.

Journal articles

 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 2943-2952). ACM.

01-Apr-2015 Hedonic mediation of the crossmodal correspondence between taste and shape

Journal articles

 Food Quality and Preference, 41, 151-158.

12-Feb-2015 Special issue on crossmodal correspondences


10-Jun-2014 Accords insolites: L'influence de la musique sur la dégustation.

Journal articles

 Revue des oenologues

19-Feb-2013 Lessons of synaesthesia for consciousness: Learning from the exception, rather than the general

Journal articles


01-Aug-2012 Hearing mouth shapes: Sound symbolism and the reverse McGurk effect

Co-authored. I-Perception, 3, 550-552

01-Apr-2012 Crossmodal correspondances: Innate or learned

Co-authored. I-Perception 3(5) 316–318  


01-Mar-2012 Phenomenal contrast without cognitive penetrability of perception


Single Author. Philosophical Studies

16-Jul-2010 British Abolitionists and the End of Slavery in Brazil


 Institute for the Study of the Americas

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Research projects:


Rethinking the Senses: Uniting the Philosophy and Neuroscience of Perception Institute of Philosophy
Project period: 01-Oct-2013 - 30-Jun-2017

Research interests: Cultural memory, Neuroscience, Philosophy

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