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Professor Avrom Sherr
Law (LSE) 1971. PhD (Warwick) on
Emeritus Professor
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Charles Clore House 17 Russell Square London WC1B 5DR
020 7862 5859
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Research Summary and Profile

Research interests:
Human rights
Summary of research interests and expertise:
Professor Sherr's main areas of interest have been the development of legal education, the sociology of the legal profession, ethics in professional work and the provision of legal services. He has also been involved in human rights generally and has written in the area of freedom of protest. Work on discrimination relating to AIDS/HIV and the issues of welfare rights provision within health care.

Avrom Sherr has been the principal architect of the concept and system of competence assessment in publicly funded legal aid work. He is the founding editor of the International Journal of the Legal Profession, was the project leader producing the seminal report "Willing Blindness" on regulation of the legal profession, and has coordinated a number of trans-European projects on legal ethics, money laundering, legal and accountancy practitioner defaults and discrimination.

He also acts as a consultant to government and professional bodies in relation to access to justice and professional training and discipline and is a member of Legal Services Complaints Commissioner's Legal Services Consumer Board.
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Related publications/articles:

Date Details
01-Jun-2013 Setting Standards. The Future of the Legal Services Education and Training Regulation in England and Wales


With Webb, Ching Maharg,et al, IPS, BSB, SRA,

01-Jan-2012 Shrinking Legal Aid, Unrepresented Litigants and Judicial Independence

Chapter 27 in The Culture of Judicial Independence - conceptual Foundations and practical Challenges, Shetreet, S, Forsyth, C (Eds) Koninklijke Brill NV

01-Jan-2012 The Hamlyn Lectures, Jeremy Waldron, The Rule of Law and the Measure of Property

Introduction, Cambridge University Press

01-Jan-2011 A Special Relationship? American Influences on English Legal Education, c. 1870-1965

International Journal of the Legal Profession. Special Issue. Symposium in Honour of William Twining, co-edited by Avrom Sherr and David Sugarman. Vol. 18, issues 1 & 2. pp. 7-57

01-Jan-2011 Policing the Conflict in South Africa; Professor Anthony Mathews and the Pietermaritzburg Conference of June 1991, Law, Order and Liberty, Essays in Honour of Tony Mathews,

Carnelley and Hoctor (Eds) University of KwaZulu-Natal Press

01-Jan-2010 The Hamlyn Lectures, Tom Bingham Widening Horizons: the influence of comparative law and international law on domestic law

Cambridge University Press

01-Jul-2009 The 'control' orthodoxy in England and Wales - a retrospective review

International Journal of the Legal Profession, 16: 2, 153 — 165

03-Apr-2009 The 'Clients' of the Publicly Funded Lawyer in "Delivering Effective Effective Legal Aid Services across Diverse Communities

International Legal Aid Group

01-Jan-2009 Effectiveness of Online Dispute Resolution in the County Court

Ministry of Justice

01-Jan-2006 At Century’s Dawn – Future and Past of Human Rights and Rule of Law

01-Jan-2006 The Case of the Common Law in European Legal Education

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Additional Publications

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Research Projects & Supervisions

Research projects:

SRA, BSB and IPS Review of Legal Education

with Julian Webb, University of Warwick, Paul Maharg, Northumbria Law School and Jane Ching, Nottingham Law School

Professional Affiliations

Professional affiliations:

Name Activity
Advice Quality Standard Management Committee
Legal Education Research Network (LERN)
Hamlyn Trust Chair
Advisory Panel for the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education Chair
Advisory Board and Strategy Committee of the UK Centre for Legal Education Chair


Name Type Activity Start date End date
International Journal of the Legal Profession Founding Editor
Relevant Events

Related events:

Date Details
01-Jan-2011 Presentation of Conference Paper

International Conference, New Perspectives of Legal Education in Europe, Berlin

01-Jan-2010 Presentation of Conference Paper

International Sociological Association Working Group on the Legal Professions, Gif sur Yvette,

01-Jan-2010 Presentation of Conference Paper

Legal Services Research Centre Conference, Cambridge

01-Jan-2010 Presentation of Conference Paper

5th Annual Meeting - Hague Rule of Law Network

01-Jan-2009 Presentation of Conference Paper

Israeli Law and Society Conference

01-Jan-2009 Opening Plenary

International Corporate Fraud Conference

01-Jan-2009 Opening Plenary

International Symposium on Legal Aid, Seoul, Korea

01-Jan-2009 Keynote Speaker

Clinical Law Seminar, Institute of Clinical Legal Education, Waseda University, Japan

01-Jan-2009 Invited Closing Plenary

Conference in Honour of Professor Richard Abel, UCLA, Los Angeles

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