Dr Rahul Ranjan

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Dr Rahul Ranjan
MPhil (Jawaharlal Nehru University), MA, BA(H) (University of Delhi, India)
DPhil in Political Anthropology
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
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21-Mar-2020 Politics of Symbolism: The Making of Birsa Munda’s Statue in Post-colonial Jharkhand, India


28-Mar-2019 All that glitters is not gold – international students as a media construct


17-Aug-2018 Mini-India: the politics of migration and subalternity in the Andaman Islands


21-Jul-2018 Unraveling the Narratives of Adivasi Dispossession: A Case Study of Land Acquisition in Nagri Village, Jharkhand

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18-Apr-2018 Birsa Munda and his Ulgulaan (Rebellion)

Journal articles

13-Feb-2018 Birsa Munda and his struggle in colonial India


28-Sep-2017 On the Limits of Abuse: Bruce Gilley and his worldview of Colonial History


31-Aug-2017 Mahasweta Devi: A saga of writings on subalterns


18-Jul-2017 End of Empire: 70 Years of Independence in India


14-Mar-2017 Student Dissent, Media Hype and the Space for the free Speech


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Rahul has recently defended his PhD at ICwS, School of Advanced Study, University of London in a record time of three years. He was a recipient of Louise Arbor Studentship and Yusuf Ali Bursary. He has previously submitted my MPhil at Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has been trained in the discipline of Political Science for 7 years in the course of obtaining degrees up until MPhil. At the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, his work presents an inter-disciplinary approach to illustrate the role of symbolism, memory, oral history to understand contemporary Adivasi (Indigenous Peoples) politics. It investigates the making of Adivasi icon, Birsa Munda, in the contemporary Jharkhand using the framework of subaltern and memory studies. Currently, he is working on his manuscript! Feel free to contact for any inquiry.
Dr. Corinne Lennox
Research interests:
Colonies & Colonization, emigration & immigration, Cultural memory, History

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03-Apr-2019 British South Asian Association Conference at Durham University (UK)

 A Paper on 'Intagible Memory and Tangible Objects: Birsa Munda in Jharkhand'

29-Mar-2019 Memories of the Future, Institute of Cultural Memory, School of Advanced Study, University of London

 Conference Paper on 'Statue of Birsa Munda in Contemporary Jharkhand'

26-Feb-2019 Writing Activism at University of Oxford

 Workshop on writing ethnographic accounts and fieldwork

13-Feb-2019 School of Advanced Study, University of London - “PhD Research Seminar”

A paper on Mammoth Memory: Adivasi (Indigenous People) and Political Aesthetics in Postcolonial India

07-Jun-2018 Centre for the Study of South Asia and the Indian Ocean World Early Career Workshop at the UCL

 Conference Paper on 'Missionaries in Chota Nagpur, and Birsa Munda Rebellion'

19-Apr-2018 International Oral History Association, University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

 Conference Paper on 'Folk Songs from the Rebellion: Birsa Munda in Chota Nagpur'

16-Jun-2017 School of Criticism and Theory (SCT) at Cornell University, USA

 Six Week Seminar on Reperations and Violence

23-Apr-2017 Ireland India Institute, Dublin City University, Dublin (Ireland)

 A paper on ‘Narratives from the field: Women and Dispossession in Jharkhand’

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