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Janette Bright
BA (Hons), (first class); MRes (Lond)
PhD Student
Institute of Historical Research
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10-Apr-2015 The Foundling Hospital and its Token System


The governors of the Foundling Hospital, from its foundation in 1741, set up a system of tokens to act as identifiers that would allow families to have their children returned to them. This article shows the robustness of the system the governors built around the tokens and how it worked to bring some parents and children together again. The tenacity of purpose on the parental side is a strand which runs through the stories.

23-Sep-2011 An Introduction to the Tokens at the Foundling Hospital


Co-authored with fellow researcher, Gillian Clark, this introductory text looks at the system of tokens now on display at the Foundling Museum.  Some of the histories behind individual tokens are also included.


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2017 Fashioning the Foundlings - Education, Instruction and Apprenticeship at the London Foundling Hospital c.1741-1800

This MRes thesis (IHR) looks at the London Foundling Hospital in the eighteenth century and how children left to its care were prepared for apprenticeship.  The thesis covers the period from the Hospital's establishment to the end of the eighteenth century (c.1741-1800) - though the institution continued into the mid-twentieth century.  The institution continues today as the charities Coram and the Foundling Museum, both based in London.

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'The Foundling Hospital: Risk, Reputation and Trust in an Eighteenth-Century Institution'

Professor Helen Berry
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United Kingdom
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