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Mr Margaret Joachim
PhD in Pleistocene Entomology
PhD student - The Significance of Heraldry in Illuminated Manuscripts produced in England from the Thirteenth to the Late-Fourteenth Century
Institute of English Studies
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Many thirteenth and fourteenth-century psalters include heraldry, either as stand-alone coats of arms, or in initials, miniatures, borders or line-fillers. The arms of a single person are probably the equivalent of a bookplate, but what if there are five, twenty, or a hundred different ones in the same manuscript? My research is an attempt to determine whose arms are represented, whether the different armorials are connected in some way, if they appear in significant positions in relation to the text, and what they might reveal about the origin (and sometimes the subsequent history) of each book.

Initially a geologist (PhD in Pleistocene Entomology - fossil beetles), Margaret then became (concurrently) an IT programme manager, Anglican priest and political campaigner. Having now retired, she combines a long-standing amateur interest in heraldry with a new-found enthusiasm for book history, alongside trying to disinter O-level Latin from 50 years ago.

Dr Nigel Ramsay (UCL) and Dr Cynthia Johnston (IES)
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History of the book

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