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Karen Hunte
BSc (Hons), MA, PGCert
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Senate House, London
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21-May-2018 International election observation in the Commonwealth Caribbean: race, aid and democratization


Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 56:3, 403-406.

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The Electoral Socialisation of Caribbean Britain

Research areas:
Caribbean Britons; Caribbean diasporas, politics, learning, workforces, health and migration.

Research roles:

  • Chair of Caribbean Politics (affiliated to the Political Studies Association)
  • Founder Director of CARiB
  • University of London 'Children of the Windrush' Advisory Board Member
  • Supervisor:
    Dr Corinne Lennox
    Research interests:
    Civil Rights, Culture, History, International Relations, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Politics

    Caribbean, North America, South America, United Kingdom
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    08-May-2019 ICWS@70: Children of the Windrush Generation (ICWS-SAS, University of London)

    This event was a partnership between myself and Dr Sue Onslow. I organised and chaired the showing of the film 'Mutiny' (including an Introduction and Q&A with Tony T) and the 'Children of the Windrush Generation' panel discussion (which included life therapist Yvonne Archer, campaigner Dr Patrick Vernon OBE, and author Colin Babb). Dr Sue Onslow ran the oral history workshop on 'How to Gather Memories'.

    25-Mar-2019 ICWS@70: The ICWS and Human Rights (ICWS-SAS, University of London)

    This event consisted of four panels, each addressing historic and contemporary areas of the ICWS's work across the field of human rights. My paper concerned the importance of human rights to Caribbean Britain. The keynote speaker was Judge Albie Sachs, anti-apartheid activist and former member of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

    23-Jul-2015 They Gave The Crowd Plenty Fun: An Evening with Colin Babb (University of London)

    Convened this event where British Guyanese author, Colin Babb, led a discussion about the research for his forthcoming 2nd edition book 'They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun'. The book assesses the social and political impact of international cricket on Caribbean Britain.

    12-May-2015 About Caribbean Britain (Black Cultural Archives, Brixton, London)

    Presented some preliminary Caribbean Britain Survey research summary findings at the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) -- following the kind invitation from the BCA Heritage Group.

    30-Jan-2015 German Town: The Forgotten Faces of Jamaica (IMLR-SAS, University of London)

    Convened and chaired the showing of 'German Town: The Lost Story of Seaford Town, Jamaica' -- a documentary about a declining group of German-Jamaicans. The film's director, David Ritter (Carib Productions), answered audience questions via a live transatlantic audio-visual connection. This event was fully booked.

    15-Jan-2015 SAS Research Training: Organising Successful Academic Events (SAS, University of London)

    Designed, convened and led the annual workshop that explains the key elements required to organise successful academic events. This event was fully booked.

    08-May-2014 Imprisoned for 26 Years: In Conversation with Selwyn Strachan (ILAS-SAS, University of London)

    Convened and chaired 'Imprisoned for 26 Years: In Conversation with Selwyn Strachan' where former political prisoner, Selwyn Strachan, attended to give first-hand perspectives about his role in the Grenadian Revolution, his Government's ambitions, the US military opposition, his 26 year imprisonment, the future and any regrets -- before answering audience questions. This event was fully booked.

    17-Jan-2014 Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution (The British Library, London)

    Convened and chaired the first UK screening of 'Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution'  -- a film about the 1979 Grenadian revolutionary government and its terminal violent assassinations of 1983. The film’s director, Dr Bruce Paddington (University of the West Indies), attended and answered audience questions. This event sold out within 48 hours.

    24-Oct-2013 The USA in the Caribbean: Thirty Years after American Fury (ICWS-SAS, University of London)

    Convened and chaired the conference that brought distinguished diplomats and leading academics together to review the 1983 US military intervention in Grenada. Sir Shridath 'Sonny' Ramphal (Secretary-General of the Commonwealth 1975-1990) was the key speaker. An edited version of his keynote speech is available here. Some of the conference papers can also be found in the edited book Grenada: Revolution and Invasion. This event was sold out.

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